Make your Shopify Site more SEO Friendly

The June UI update features a brand new dashboard and a creation flow built to help you create beautiful, SEO friendly products.

The June UI update includes an amazing new dashboard built to help you get started quickly with Profit Pages.  From the dashboard, you can jump right into creating and updating your products.  Or, you can quickly dismiss the dashboard to continue where you left off.

As part of the create and upgrade flows, we have made it easier than ever to select one of our amazing templates.  We have increased the size of the preview and allow you to see the entire template on hover.  

SEO (or search engine optimization) takes center stage in the new design.  We give you helpful tips to get the most out of your product listing so that you can perform better in Google and other search engines.

We have also updated our main menu in the app to be optimized around your workflow.  You can quickly change your SEO and jump into creating and upgrading your products from anywhere in our app.