Reusable Templates in Shopify

The second update for June brings a new "Save as Template" feature and a cool new checkerboard image layout.

The second update of June 2020 brings an amazing new way to share your designs across pages.  You can now save any page or product you create as a template.  Just click the menu and select "Save as Template".  Look for the star icon.  

When you save a page or product as a template, it will appear in the Add and Upgrade workflow for your pages and products.  It will also appear in the apply template screen.  Please note that templates saved for products can only be applied to products, and those for pages can only be applied to pages.

The June update also brings a cool new checkerboard image section.  This is a great way to call attention to primary features in your product.  You can find this section by clicking Add Section and selecting Image Layouts.